Born:  1983. Chicago, IL
Hometown:  Virginia Beach, VA
Education:  Business Management, BS.  George Mason University 2005
Years in Triathlon:  First race in 2003, Pro since 2006
Favorite Foods:  Potatoes, Eggs, Yogurt, Avocados, Pizza
How I got started in Triathlon:
            Picked up swimming at an early age.  I grew up swimming on various club swim teams.  Didn’t take it seriously until high school.  I swam while at George Mason and during the summers, I participated in beach lifesaving competitions.  My favorite event soon became the Run-Swim-Run.  Turns out I was the only swimmer who can really run, so I did pretty good.  I started running more when I skipped morning swim workouts during the summers. 
            I read Lance Armstrong’s “It’s Not About the Bike” while I was a sophomore in college and decided I would like to try cycling.  With the help of some friends, I found a cheap road bike and started riding in 2003.  Since I already had the swim down, I threw in a triathlon that summer as well. 
            After the 2003-2004 swim season, I joined the road cycling team at Mason and ended up racing during the spring my last two years.  I thought I’d give triathlon a serious go, so I took the run a bit more serious in 2006. 

Favorite Race:  Escape from Alcatraz
Favorite workout:  Long runs during a cold, wet, and windy day.
Proudest moment:  Winning 2008 Pan American Championships in Mazatlan, Mexico

In my spare time:  Sail catamarans during summers with friends, surf, spear fish, read